Sunday, November 13, 2011


                      CHALLENGE #4-WATERFALL

Burch K Coralee

Artist Burch K Coralee (!/artbycoralee) submitted this painting of a waterfall for challenge #4.

This was a most interesting challenge to undertake-different than the previous challenges that have been submitteed. There are textures and details that needed to be dealt with in the painting. the following paintings have been submitted for this challenge.  

Deborah Hoffner Rosen
"Whispering Stream"
9 x 12 Acrylic
Debby is a student in my UFT class. She is a very talented artist. Notice the soft flowing beautifully painted technique. The water is so delicate- reminds me of powder being sprinkled down the rocks. Great job Deborah.

Linda Gilbert
"Various Veils 2"
16 x 20 Acrylic
I titled my paintings "Various Veils 2" because it took me 2 trys to get to this finished painting. I originally did the painting in an 8 x 10 and was very dissatisfied with it. After ovserving my "errors" from painting #1, (which I think my main problem: I worked too small for the details), I enlarged the subject and changed what I wanted to to make it appealing to me. I enhanced the color of the foreground, and I changed the way the water fell -especially in the last fall. For me, changing the subject to my way of thinking works best to please "my ideal" attitude to the way something should look. Please notice, I said "my ideal"---doesn not mean yours~!

   "Touches of Spring."
Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 20"
Arthur Anderson did a  really nice- very geometric rendition of the waterfall. Love the angles of the rocks and the water.He carried through the style of the angular movements in the foreground too!  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UFT Acrylic Painting Class

Lately I have been posting the challenges on Facebook, which take place every 2 weeks via my Fan Page: Paintings by Linda!/pages/Paintings-by-Linda/365237511760  

I teach an Acrylic Paintng Class through the UFT (United Federation of Teachers Retiree Programs), and I thought it would be nice to post some of the class at work. Notice in the pictures, two of the students are painting Challenge #2 (The Day Lily), which by the way, scroll down to the article on all of the wonderful results that came in for this challenge.

My students are all excited each week to come to class to develop their painting skills. I love working with them, and have seen so much progress in the various styles that have developed.

We will be exhibiting at the Manalapan Library, Manalapan, New Jersey, in Jan. 2012. we are very excited about this!

Donna Rittner

Donna Rittner
"Majestic Mountains"