Sunday, October 30, 2011

Challenge #3

credit goes to photographer Steve Pollock, former Editor in Chief of Popular Photography magazine.
This photo was submitted by Arthur Anderson for Challenge #3.

Of the three challenges so far, this was "the most challenging challenge" for me. I have painted many a bridge scene, including 3 different paintings of the Brooklyn Bridge (see my web site, and have painted many reflections in water, but never endeavored a scene at night. Most challenging for me, was to achieve the brightness of the lights. I personally cropped the photo in my mind, and focused in more of the bridge. As I was painting this photo of the 59th Street Bridge (Queensboro Bridge), I kept thinking of the Simon and Gafunfunkle song "The 59th Street Bridge Song-Feeling Groovy", thus coming up with the title. For days after finishing the painting, and while painting, I kept humming the song. I never figured out why the song had it's title, but my title was inspired by the song!

Linda Gilbert
"Reflections of Feeling Groovy"
16 X 20

The next entry to this challenge came from Rhonda Myers. A very talented Artist from Tennessee.She captured the subject, lights and reflections beautifully. Rhonda painted the entire bridge. Her colors are exciting and vibrant.
Rhonda Myers
"Night Reflections"
24 X18

Arthur Anderson just added this impressionistic painting calling it "Party Under the Bridge." I love the way he captured the depth of the bridge. the colors are exciting and the reflections remind me of confetti being thrown at a celebration. Great job, Artie!

Arthur Anderson
"Party Under the Bridge"
24 X 18

Burch K Coralee just submitted the bridge picture, done is a soft watercolor. Beautifully done!

Burch K Coralee



  1. Sorry for the delay in posting this challenge piece. . . and it was MY challenge. Shame on me! But, I had a family matter to handle and could only paint in dribs and drabs over the last two weeks.

    Speaking first to Linda's painting, as I noted on FB, the title is excellent, and reflects her interpretation. The cropping was a great idea that allowed her to concentrate on the bridge more fully. Secondly, her limited palette allowed further focus and simplification of this complex subject: a natural choice for a nighttime subject. It surely captured crazy tempo of The City with the off-balance buildings and bridge elements.

    Rhonda's "Night Reflections" re-imagines the bridge structure. These are always the most fun parts of everyone painting the same subject: seeing what changes they make to the pictorial elements. Rhonda achieved a hue in the sky that I was originally aiming for before the ghost of Van Gogh found my own brush. Again, Rhonda found inspiration in the reflections, and rendered them and the water very painterly. Good job Rhonda. I learned from viewing your painting.s

  2. Just received theis new submission by Burch K Coralee- a beautifully done watercolor of the 59th Street Bridge (Queensboro Bridge)