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                                              CHALLENGE # 9

This challenge was presented by Arthur Anderson. He supplied us with a picture of a simple white house and the following instructions were given: Using this photo as the basis for the painting, include a person or persons in it. Where you place these living elements will almost become a "story" you are telling.

This picture was the source
supplied by Arthur Anderson

The following paintings have been submitted to Facebook page: Painting Challenge!/pages/Painting-Challenge/331221790230457

we would love to hear your commentaries of the submitted paintings and invite you to join the challenges every month by becoming a member of the page.

Renu Kristin Kvalfors

watercolour on 20x15 cm paper painted the house and made movable paper people..
February 17
Renew was the first entry. She did a clever rendition of making moveable people so that the picture changes as you place the people in different positions.
Linda Gilbert
"I Wish I Didn't Have a Cold"
Acrylic on Masonite
16 X 20

I created a snow picture with children and pet dog playing at various activites. Inside the house is a child looking out who obviously cannot come out to play. I titled the painting "I Wish I Didn't Have a Cold".
Deborah Hoffner Rosen
Challenge #9-"Grandma's Watching"-Acrylic on canvas
Debbi did a wonderful scene with her grandaughters playing in front of the house. Beautifully painted.
Mary Hennessy
-watercolor 12 X16 water color. I named it: FROM AFAR. It is meant to be thought provoking. Is the soldier: dreaming, coming home, deceased, etc? It is up to the viewer to make their own story.
Mary is our newest member of Painting Challenge.vThis is so mystical. I see a spirit of a World War II soldier wishing he can be home----or is he going home (heaven???)

Arthur Anderson
Here is my Challenge 9. Although it was my own challenge, I was uniquely uninspired by it. I thought that having a tabala raza would be a good exercise. What I came up with after multiple tries was "The Matisse Family visits Grandma Moses."            
 Set aside that it was a challenge that I, myself, posed. I could not get this to be what I wanted it to be. So, I decided to dip my toe into two painting schools: Primative (a la Grandma Moses), and Fauvist (in the style of Matisse). Acrylic, 16 x 20"
The above entry to finish off our posting is by Arthur Anderson, who as said in the beginning of this posting, came up with the idea for this challenge. I like the "Primitive" style , the Fauvist colors, and I love the mystique that I get from this painting. It looks like it could be a cover to a Stephen King book.  there is a certain unnerving feeling I get when I see this of something lurking in the house. (OK, just my own opinion).   Great job Artie----I love a break from the ordinary!!!!!!!!!

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