Tuesday, February 22, 2011



  1. Clouds aren't pure white, they reflect the color of the sky. This is clearest at sunrise and sunset, when clouds turn shades of yellow, red, and pink. They also have shadows. Skies aren't simply blue. They're build up of various tones of blue.

  2. Experiment by adding colors such as orange, purple, gray, yellow and crimson to your blues.
  3. Don't try to paint every detail in clouds. Learn to identify the different types of cloud as each has its own characteristics. For example, cumulus (thunderstorm) clouds have some hard edges to them.
  4. Take photos of different types of clouds to create a reference portfolio.As clouds recede towards the horizon, their colors become paler and their shapes less distinct.


  1. Experiment with various brushes, and brush strokes. Experiment with colors. Your paintings will have more feeling in them.
  2. Try painting the shadows in clouds, rather than the light parts.
  3. Some clouds are long, some fluffy, some appear as streaks. Refer to different types of clouds from your observations and note the colors in them. also note the time of day you are observing- it may help you in the paintng.
Refer to my web site  ( http://www.paintingsbylinda.net/)  for various expressions on clouds. The "Mysitcal Series" and "Surreal Series" have unusual concepts and exciting color combinations of clouds. The unusual color combinations give it a surprise that makes it bolder and exciting, at the same time creating a mystical concept.

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  1. 1.Stratus Clouds:
    Long, horizontal sweeps across the painting, use a wide brush. The lines of the clouds should be parallel, but paint them freehand, not using a ruler. Suggested colors: A light and dark blue for the sky,yellow ochre and paynes gray for the dirty rain loaded bits of clouds.

    2. Cumulus Clouds> (fluffy clouds)
    Resist the idea of just using white. Clouds reflect colors. Use reds, mauves, yellows, oranges,grays. Concentrate on shadows.

    3. Cirrus Clouds (wispy clouds)
    Be light handed. Give the clouds pink tints besides using whites.