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challenge #5 photo

For challenge #5, I chose this photo I took 2 years ago, when we traveled to the Canyonlands. Let alone, out of all of the excursions Bob and I took, this one had to be the trip of a life-time-seeing the most magnificent scenery I have ever viewed.  We saw Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon, Zion Park and numerous other natural wonders. So, I thought this gorgeous canyon photo would be  an interesting challenge. I have received one other painting besides my own for this challenge. Even though others signed up for this painting challenge, no other pieces have come in.

  Linda Gilbert
"The Colors of the Canyons"
16 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas

This is my entry. I used the photo for my source, trying to capture the colors as I remember them, and viewed from the photo. I used my organic technique that I enjoy using for all of my paintings, giving my paintings a soft moving feeling. I also enlarged the Colorado River that was barely visible in the photo running from the left to the mid section of the painting. This was a big challenge again for me. Although I have painted many a painting with rocks, these canyons presented a special challenge.

                                                                       Arthur Anderson
                                                "Morning Shadows, Morning Sun, Grand Canyon"
                                                             24 x 18",      Acrylic on canvas

This is the painting that Arthur Anderson did. This is wonderful. Artie captured the shadows, and gave the painting the feeling of the morning, just as he titled it. I also love the Artist interepreation of the colors. The Grand Canyon changes color depending on the time of day. This painting truly captures that. The execution of the angular style is fascinating also. The rocks are sharply defined, and very dramatic. Until we hear from Artie, what he was expressing in this painting, we will know what he was after in this bold interpretation. In my view, it almost seems a little spooky, kind of Alfred Hitchcock, with the long shadows. GREAT JOB ARTIE.

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