Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Title A Painting?

Is there really a "how to" to title a painting a possible topic? Assigning a name (title) to a painting is a personal matter that is between the artist and the artist (redundant?).

There seems to be a criteria that I follow to assign a title to a painting. Through my eyes and mind I decide:
1. What is the painting about?
2. What did I set out to do when I decided to paint the canvas?
3. What did I want to say in the painting?
4. What was my mind set when I started the painting?
5. When did the idea of the title  come to me- before, during or after the painting?


In the above painting, A BLEND OF WORLDS, I set out to make a fantasy world combined with the real world. The woman in the room is standing in front of a painting in her room that contains a Sprite in her  own world. The plants in the real world work themselves up into the painting to become part of the painting. I have several paintings in the Mystical World with Sprites (see "mystical" on my web site: ) 

Titles are important for the viewer, so they can understand what they are looking at, but let's face it: the viewer is going to be led to look at the painting a different way, than if they did not know what the title was.

Ttitles are most important for the artist.
I had a blog posting a while ago on your personality going into a title- and it certainly goes into the subject matter you choose. Ultimately then, the title is for the artist to express what they want to say.

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