Saturday, March 12, 2011

In Your Own Backyard

Winter Tree

                                                                Three Birds and A Boot Print

When I travel, I love to photograph what I see the turn them into paintings. There is a tremendous source of material, right in your own neighborhood, or your own backyard...if you keep your eyes open.
The above paintings were done from a walk I took in my neighborhood- in fact, the painting with the birds was a scene right from my own backyard!

So don't fret, if you run out of material to paint. Just take a walk and observe your surroundings. In fact, take a look in your house and think what you can put together to make an interesting Still Life. You will be amazed!

Go to my web site:
View my paintings in each category- can you guess which ones were taken from "my own backyard?"...or at least from my own neighborhood?

Can't wait to hear your responses.

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