Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Personal Style

I always look to perfect my artwork. I readily listen when people tell me things. It may not be necessary all the time to have an art critic or another artist to give an opinion about your paintings. It can be useful to listen to what everyone has to say. You have to weigh what everyone says. All critics, artists and anyone else may not be "correct" in what they see or say about your work---but it is valuable to listen. The very best critic is yourself.

When you get comfortable hearing from everyone, including yourself, it is time to see what your personal style is. Look at all of your paintings. The topics may vary, as well as some of the styles, but you will notice a style in your work, when you begin to evaluate. A certain theme, brushstroke, color, or topic may be consistent.
After you evaluate your style, you may be inspired to continue a favorite theme or move on to another, entirely different perception in your painting. both ends are valuable. Some artists may see fit to keep a journal in their growth, be it in pictures, writing or both.

Art should be a reflection of yourself. Personal style should develop from your inner self over a period of time. It should be what you want to say. But....keep listening to everyone-yourself most important!!!!

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  1. You are so right, Linda. I love your work. And it IS a personal reflection of who you are at the moment you paint it. . .

  2. Art is a comment who you are, as I said. I believe Art extends to all venues- not only painting. Writing and music are also outlets forr your creativity to shine through.