Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whitney Museum Exhibit

We visited the Whitney Museum yesterday to see the Edward Hopper exhibit. Needless to say, it was extraordinary. I enjoyed observing the paintings by other artists that he influenced. Hopper used detail where he felt necessary- and minimized areas of the paintings that he felt were not necessary for the subject. His lighting is surreal and captivating. What a wonderful source for any Artist to see, especially if the Artist is interested in landscape and the portrayal of the "ordinary" day in a life.

Much to our surprise, we had a most enjoyable time viewing and laughing at  the work of Charles LeDray on the next  floor. The exhibit is called "Workworkworkworkwork". It is also creepy and certainly comical. We laughed our way through the exhibit. It is the showing of minuscule porcelain pieces, and tiny, less than infant size clothes (suits , shirts, ties that would fit a new born--maybe). When you walk in a you see an array of tiny hats that could perhaps fit a doll a little bigger than a Barbie. There were little carvings made of human bone-this I did not like-gave me too much of an uneasy feeling.

I recommend going up to the Whitney for these wonderful shows!


  1. Have you seen a recent exhibit that you would like to comment on? Let us hear your review here.

  2. We loved the exhibit. The George Bellows "Dempsey vs. Firpo" painting was not as impressive as the reproductions we've seen. But Chelle and I found the Hopper paintings brilliant.

  3. I find a certain mystical quality in Hopper- I like that. His lighting is amazing. I do not like George Bellows that much-perhaps it's the subject matter.