Friday, April 1, 2011


I tend to lean towards Surrealism when I paint. I enjoy creating the unlikely in a realistic setting. The reasons why I choose to go into a surreal or mystical world many have to do with many reasons (perhaps a whimsical thought, or perhaps a subconscious wish?), but I seem to get enjoyment when I look at my finished product. Of course, in between surreal paintings, I paint the usual, with my own take on it.

The Painting "Stunned by the Beauty, which I just completed, brought particular joy to me.

I perused through many of my photos, many taken of farmland, and thought immediately: I am going to create a scene where a farmer stops his work to view something that he is stunned by. In this case it is a growth of oversized colorful and unusal flowers, none like he has ever seen before. Opposite the oversized flowers, is a large bird, also far too big in proportion perched on his fence. Now the question arises, which one is correct? Is the farmer misplaced in an unknown land, or are the flowers misplaced? The black road also offers a question as to where this could be. The road looks ominous. I leave you with this thought reader: Where exactly is this picture? Is it here on Earth, or somewhere else?


  1. Linda, this is terrific. . . You have a wonderful sense of "place" in your paintings.

  2. Thank you Artie- where may that "place" be?????