Monday, April 25, 2011


My latest 2 paintings:

Last week my husband and I took a ride over to Historic Walnford, New Jersey. This 36 acre site began it's story in 1734, when it was purchased by Richard Waln, a Quaker businessman from Philadelphia.

The structures and landscape reveal the changing culture through the last three centuries.

It contained a grist Mill, saw mill, fulling mill, and blacksmith and coopers shops. When Richard Waln had the impressive and elegant home built in 1773, he and his family moved there and it re-named Walnford.

This painting (11 X14 Acrylic on Canvas), is based on one of my photographs of the grist mill (blue building) with part of the home behind it. As all of my paintings, I added a bit of my own take to the composition. The yellow floral arrangement in the right corner of the canvas, although taken from the site, was originally positioned elsewhere on the grounds. I always like to add my own "take" on what I see---to add a bit of the surreal to my paintings.

"Out for the Ride" is the second painting I added to my collection.  (6 X8 Acrylic on Canvas Paper).
The bicycle riders is based from a photo I took of a couple on their bikes at a local park.......always carry that camera- you never know what is going to make an interesting photo--and then a n interesting painting!